The Mutual Art Influence Between Daniel and Andy Castillo


The influence that an artist exerts on another artist is both recognizable and unpredictable. The same could be said for the influence a father has over a child. Less understood is the influence that a child might have over his father’s painting. Such is the case of Daniel and Andy Castillo, son and father. The influence of Daniel over the work of Andy has been indelible from the contours and line fluidity to the washes and brush strokes.

Style has a biological origin, as said by Rolando Barthes. There is a stylistic closeness, between Daniel and his Father Andy, because of their biological proximity, but also because of the affectionate relationship between Father and Son. The love between them is so strong that their expression of imagination ineffably unites them in the quest towards two being one. The result of this quest is work of unparalleled originality.

Picasso said, “All children are born as artists. The problem is how to continue to be artists while growing up.” We believe that Andy noticed his son to be a natural born artist, born in a convenient place to develop his artistic ability. Having exhausted so many academic studies in fine arts, the father eventually found, in his son, the best source to feed upon and enrich his work. In this way, Andy might obtain in his youth what took Picasso all of his life, or 80 years.

“Learning how to paint as the Renaissance painters took me a few years; painting like a child took me a lifetime”.

Andy and his son’s palette have created an imaginary world between them, where portraits of trees, fish and animals abound. Daniel can jump from a palette of grey tones to a palette of vivid tones. Green and orange tones express sadness and joy. The two sit side by side to determine what they see in a group of lines and traces. The simplest sketch directs them through a path in which the realization of art reaches the satisfaction of the soul, in a type of game in which love becomes art. In this way they complete, next to Silvio Rodriguez, that chorus that says: “Only love turns clay into miracle. Only love engenders marvel”.